Sunday, July 3, 2016

Apr. 3

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well this email will be pretty short because this week was so busy but it was filled with adventures that i am sure you all are not very interested in haha. But the Temple was just as amazing as it always is, and it was so nice to get to go 3 days in a row! you really learn a lot when you go three times in a row that is for sure!

I learned a lot this week and grew a lot in my testimony of temple work, I know that what goes on within the temple is something sacred and special and that the ordinances done there really do bind families together forever! I am so grateful for the knowledge that i have that my family can be together forever because of what is done within the temple.

We had the opportunity this week to teach one lesson haha that is all we had time for in our busy week so we went and visited Mason and his family and had a good visit with them, we are going to start teaching him and his kids about the commandments and help them to start living all of them. We have a FHE tonight at a member of the stake presidency's house and he has invited Mason and the kids over and so it we have an exciting time planned for that tonight and it will be great to help get members more involved with Mason and the kids.

During the weekend we were down in Taranaki in a town called New Plymouth we had the opportunity to be with president Rudd and help him with the district conference down there. It was great to learn from President Rudd and see how he administrates in that environment.

But the work is progressing along down here in New Zealand we have issued a challenge to all the missionaries in the mission, In honor of the restoration of the Aaronic preisthood we have challenged every companionship to baptize on May 14th and 15th. That is the day that we have set our investigator Cooper to be baptized and so we are really going to focus on seeing him more each week to be able to really prepare him to be baptized on that day! Exciting things are happening down here and the mission just keeps getting better and better!

I love you all and thank you all for you love and prayers! Please remember that the church is true and that it always will be. I know Jesus Christ lives and that he died for our sins I know he loves us he is our older brother. Never forget this and share it with all of those you meet.


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