Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jun. 5

Kia Ora Everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

Fist things first for this email I have to wish my Best Friend Nathan Walton a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you have a good day Nathan dont play to much Wii! Cant wait to play Super Smash Bros with yah!

Well transfers went well this week, it is really weird that this was president and sister rudds last intake. So that was a bit sad.

But the rest of the week me and my new Companion Elder Ith went on an exchange with some of the Zone Leaders and also had some really good visits with some of our investigators, We were visiting with Stevie and Melissa this week on Friday night and we got Melissa and her daughters baptism all decided and everything was going great, then the next morning we got a text from Stevie telling us that Melissa has read some stuff and doesn't want her or her daughter to be baptised any more, so we went over and visited with them and tried to see what we could do but she is pretty against being baptised now. It is really sad you grow really close to people and see them grow so much and then it doesn't really work out. It had me pretty down and we were talking to president Rudd after and he just said to us "The Lord will provide" so i have been thinking about that ever since and how true it really is, all of us are constantly facing trials and sometimes we dont see how anything good can come from a trial or really where the trial will end. I suppose Abraham was thinking the same thing when the Lord commanded him to offer up Isaac as he walked up the mountain I assume he was wondering how anything good could come from this, maybe he was trying to think of a way out of it, I'm sure whatever was going through his mind was not pleasant for him, but then Isaac asks Abraham where the lamb is and Abraham says "The Lord will provide himself with a lamb". Just at the moment when Abraham needed it the most the Lord commanded him to not lay his hand upon Isaac, We don't know what the Lord has in store for us this week or in the next month and years to come but we can feel confident that he knows what he is doing and the Lord really does provide, although it is hard when you have investigators drop I know that the Lord will provide a way, but we will most likely have to climb a mountain first before we find what he has placed in our path. I love you all and I love the church so much! I know it is true! and I know that our Saviour lives!

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