Sunday, July 3, 2016

Apr. 10

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well another week has flown by and boy oh boy was it a busy one, we didn't really have any proselyting time in our area so no real exciting things to share this week.So on Tuesday night we had the chance to visit several people in our teaching pool. We started the night off by visiting one of the LA families in one of the wards and turns out they moved but their son is still staying there and he asked if we would come over and teach him and so we had a wonderful lesson with him, we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the most emphasis on repentance, the spirit was strong and it was a good visit.

After that we went over to Mason's to visit with him and the kids we talked about Tithing and that was another awesome lesson we used some chocolate coins and gave them to the kids and said how much would you give heavenly father and they figured it out quick they are two super smart kids! At the end we invited them all to live the Law of Tithing and they accepted. Elder Tibbitts and I both shared experiences from our life when we had seen the blessings of paying tithing, the spirit was strong and it was anther great lesson!

After we went over to Taylor and Nina's and visited with them, we had a good visit we really talked about a lot of things with them they had a few more questions they wanted us to answer and they really opened up to us a lot more which was great. Then on Wednesday morning we went back and helped taylor out on the farm for a little bit which was good, it is nice to do some manual labour every once and a while haha.

Then on Wednesday we drove down to Tauranga and had an exchange with the Zone Leaders there I went with Elder bowman he is like six six so i looked super small next to him it was so funny! We had some great experiences together found them a few potential investigators and we both learned a lot from each other which was great.
I have been thinking a lot lately about the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel most likely because of General Conference, but as i have gone throughout this week I have thought to myself how grateful I am for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the opportunity that we have to repent to start fresh to begin again to forget the past and move forward with a "perfect brightness of hope"(2 nephi 31:20) I hope everyone is constantly repenting and feeling of the renewing power of the Atonement, I hope we all also remember to let others repent don't hold things over someone's head move on forget about it forgive those who need your forgiveness so that they can forgive themselves. We all must remember that we are not a finished product we can keep progressing and keep bettering ourselves, choose the harder right as President Monson said in Conference and I know you will be blessed.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true that is a fact the Atonement is real it works use it, trust Heavenly Father and he will support you in all things. I love you all and hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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