Sunday, July 3, 2016

Apr. 24

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well lets just say this is going to be a short email because I have some other stuff I need to get to for this week. Transfers went great and nothing went wrong which was good and we werent too stressed!

So cool expierence last week on Monday we got a text that one of our investigators was in the hospital and she wanted a blessing, so we go to the hospital and we find her room and there is like this sign on the door that say to the affect: DANGER: Airborn disease see nurse before entering... so I saw that and was like oh wow haha, so we see the nurse and we have to get all this gear on to go in the room I felt like i was walking into some sort of radioactive explosion haha it was cool. But we go in give her a blessing and she was telling us how they thought she was going to be in there for a week or so well we had a lesson with her on saturday she got released the day after we gave her the blessing, her rashes had all gone the day after the blessing so she was able to be released it was pretty crazy they said she had the measles and i didnt think that was that bad but guess she caught a bad strain or something... The priesthood is real folks so there yah go!

I know this is super short but I do just want to end my email with my testimony again that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real this is there church! the Book of Mormon is true and it always will be, Thomas S. Monson is a prophet just like Moses, Noah and Abraham and all the prophets of old! I love you all and hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Come unto Christ