Monday, May 30, 2016

Mar. 6

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well hope everyone's week was sublime!
We had a really good week down here in Aotearoa, now the challenge will be me trying to remember everything!

First we started off last week with a really good preparation day, because of some craziness that we had to deal with President and Sister Rudd decided to take us to lunch  and then we went to this old car museum which was really cool!

Then on Tuesday we had our Mission Leadership Council that is when all the Zone Leaders come up and we have a council haha but that was really good.

Then this week we had a really good Lesson with Mason and his kids we had them set for baptism on the 19th of this month we might be pushing it back but that is all good we are working really hard with Mason to help him be prepared to baptize the kids and so we went over and just had a really good visit with them and when we left we gave them  all the commitment that before they walk out the door in the morning to go to school and work that as a family they each need to read one verse from The Book of Mormon they said they would and then when we went back the next day we asked them how it was and they said it was incredible that it made such a difference in their day! 

Our next good visit we had this week was with another investigator who we haven't been able to see in ages and we were a bit worried because he was progressing so well and then all of the sudden nothing, but finally we got to visit with him and turns out a member of his family kinda led him to some anti-mormon material and so we sat down with him and answered the questions he asked us it wasn't anything really intense but we did tell him we will answer any question he has and we will prove it all using the bible, and then we will prove the answer from the bible using The Book of Mormon.  I told him also I said we can give you all this physical evidence that The Book of Mormon is true, we can tell you about all the evidence in america they have found and all the evidence in the middle east they have found but you will not gain a true knowledge of The Book of Mormon that way, a true sure knowledge of the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon will only come from reading and praying and sincerely asking God if it is true, that is the only way that we will be able to be 100% sure that The Book of Mormon is true.  So we committed him to read and pray and we will keep visiting with him and we will see how it goes but we feel confident about it all so we are not worried.

We also had stake conference this week and that was really great the theme was becoming self reliant both in the world and spiritually.  There were lots of wonderful talks given and some wonderful life experiences were shared.  I got a lot of personal revelation in those meetings so I have some things to do for the next little while to keep myself busy in studies so i am super excited to have some good studies!

Well that is all the time I have this week I hope everyone has a great week and that everyone will read from The Book of Mormon this week and "feast on the words of Christ" The Book of Mormon is true that is a fact of life read it and see how wonderfully it blesses your life! have a good week everyone!


Come unto Christ

Come unto Christ