Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jul 10

Kia Ora Everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone! Boy was this a busy week!
This week we took President and Sister Cummings around the whole mission so that they could meet everyone, we finished all that up yesterday and got back at about 3 in the afternoon so needless to say Elder Ith and I are very tired!

We didn't have time to teach to many lessons this week but we did on Tuesday have another really good lesson with Stevie and Melissa we talked about the Holy Ghost with them and as we were talking we asked them how they feel when we are here and when we are teaching them and they said they can feel a difference when we are there and so we asked them why do you think that is and they both go cause the spirit is here and then when you go it leaves. So it was really cool to see that they recognise the spirit and the difference that it makes in our lives

We then went and visited with Mason, and Lil Mason and Maea and had a really good visit with them, Lil Mason and Maea have gone to stay with them mom in Aussie for the school hollidays for the next two weeks so we wont be able to see them for a little while, but we will be going over to see Mason. We will hopefully be able to start preparing to have the kids baptized in august that is the goal right now anyways so we are gonna work real hard this month to make sure we can do that!

Sadly that is pretty much it for this week! we had a whole lot of driving and don't think you really wanna hear about that haha. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Also a big BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER LINDSAY even though your birthday was last week on Thursday still thought i would just say it again! Happy Birthday Linds Love you so much!!!!

Remember everyone the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, and it is the Lords kingdom once again established here on the earth!

July 3

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well the week has come and gone and all the craziness has kinda settled down. We only had enough time to teach just a few lessons this week but we had some really good ones.

We started Monday night off with a Family Home Evening at one of our ward members home and we had a great lesson on God is our Loving Heavenly Father and we talked about that with them for some time, that is such a wonderful principal i would encourage everyone to study that concept in depth it really is something very remarkable that knowledge that we have of our divine relationship with God.

After that lesson we went to the Chapel and had a little farewell thing for President and Sister Rudd with a lot of members from the community and that was really awesome.

And then then the next few days we helped President and Sister Rudd get all packed up and on their way. I feel so blessed for being able to work so closely with President and Sister Rudd, when i opened my call almost two years ago i did not think that i would get to be this close to my mission presidents. President and Sister Rudd have had such a wonderful influence on my life!

And now i am having the wonderful opportunity of helping President and Sister Cummings get settled in here in New Zealand and that is such a wonderful thing, One thing that Elder Ith and I noticed about about President and Sister Cummings right from the first moment we met them was that everything happens for a reason, apparently the airline lost some of their luggage and they were just like it was a good thing that happened or else we wouldn't of had enough room in the car.
Hopefully I can develop that attitude from them as i get to serve close by with them.

I want everyone to know that the Gospel is true the church is true all of this is all true and that is the beauty of it all its all true dont ever forget it!

Love you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jun. 26

Kia Ora Everyone!

Wow I cannot believe this week is finally here, the last six months has been gearing up for this week and it is here and i cannot believe it! it will be a busy week but i'm sure we will survive.

This week was pretty good we spent a good amount of time proselyting and working. A cool expience we had this week we were going around and knocking some doors in our area and we decided to try this guy that works over by a camp ground that the church owns and so we went to his house and knock on the door and this guy answers and just looks at us a goes "oh you fellas" we started talking to him and he wasnt interested at all but we keep talking and turns out he is not even the guy we are looking for apparently that guy moved out, so we keep talking and then the guy just goes oh would you guys like to come in side and sit down and so we were like yeah sure, so we had a good talk with him we would kinda bring the gospel up in just little bits and pieces cause he didnt really like it when thats all we would talk about but it was cool they told us that we could come back and me and Elder Ith both have a pretty good feeling about them.

We also had some great lessons with Stevie and Melissa this week, they gained a pretty good testimony of prayer this week because of some things that were going on with stevie, so it was pretty cool.

sorry this is so short again, we have been preparing for the new mission president to come so my mind is pretty blank right now haha we are focused on other things. And next week we will let you know how the first week went with the new mission president!

Once again I just want everyone to know that I know the church is true! I know our saviour lives and he loves and cares for us, God is truly our Father and he loves us, and there is no greater joy that one can experience than to be able to return to live with them. I know that the commandments that God has given us are a roadmap to be able to return to live with him and by following Gods commandments we truly are blessed, I love you all!


Jun. 19

Kia Ora Everyone!

Wow where did the time go! this week went by really fast!

So this week we were going on the farewell tour for President and Sister Rudd, we did four tours and so we started on tuesday up in Auckland and ended in Tauranga on Friday, I think i liked Fridays the best because it was at the Marea located in my first area and it was so nice to be back there.

It is always nice to go an travel around with President and Sister Rudd, this time it was a little sad though because it is the last time and it was pretty much to say goodbye, at the end of all the meetings we would stand up and start singing God be with you til we meet again while they were walking out, the spirit was really strong and it was a really cool week that we had. President Rudd gave a good last little speech to everyone and really pumped the whole mission up, its gonna be hard to see them go next week.

We had a really good visit with Mason and his kids on Tuesday and they came to church on sunday which was awesome and we have a family home evening with them tonight at one of the members homes and so that is going to be really fun!

We haven't been able to contact our new investigator we found last week they have been gone every single time we have gone over but we will keep trying.

We were walking around Temple View on Saturday and were just knocking on random doors and we started talking to this one lady and it turned out she wasnt a member and we were really shocked that no one had known there was a non member at this house, she wasnt really interested in talking to us at all but we will still probably go back anyways haha.

We had a good visit also with Stevie and Melissa on saturday to and it was really good because melissa came and sat in on the lesson again which was good she for sure felt the spirit to which is really good.

Me and Elder Ith have both decided that it is really time for a baptism here in the Temple View area so we have decided that we are really gonna kick it into high gear and do a whole lot of praying and fasting, and we have started to see a few good things come our way so we know that if we put our trust in Heavenly Father we will begin to see some miracles!

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who leads and guides us each day, I know that God is more than just an all knowing being who created the earth, but he really is our Father he has a body of flesh and bones and he loves us even more than we can comprehend. I am also so very grateful for my Dad and the wonderful example he is to me i hope i can be just like him some day. Today i want to end this email by saying thank you to my Dad he is the best Dad in the whole world, I am who i am because of him and the example he has been to me Thanks Dad for always taking me to go on jobs with you thanks for playing catch outside with me and thank you for teaching me all about the Gospel and helping me prepare to come on a mission you are the best! The church is true, Jesus is the Christ.

Jun. 12

Hey everyone so this is going to be really short cause i'm really short on time today but i thought i would share one quick story from this week.

So me and elder ith were biking around the area on friday and we were going down one of the streets and we saw some members who are from my first area in tauranga and elder ith served there also so he new them also so we start talking to them for a while then all of the sudden these people walk out of this house and i look at them and think hmm thats wierd they dont look like members, anyways we keep talking then when we finish the people were about halfway up the street and elder ith looked at me and said "are those people members" and i said i dont think so, so then he said"should we talk to them" and i was like yeah but it would be really awkward to just rid up beside them like that so we remembered there was a little shortcut that goes through one street and connects back to the street they were on, so we booked it in the other direction and got to the short cut and elder ith biked up it but i was way to tired so i got off and was just kinda huffing and puffing up haha but finally right when we got to the top the people were right there so we timed it really really good, but i was totally out of breath for the first half of the conversation so it was really funny cause i'm trying to teach and i couldnt breath haha. but we got a new investigator from it so that was awesome!!!! we will be visiting them on Thursday of this week!

I love you all and hope you all have a really really good week!

Jun. 5

Kia Ora Everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

Fist things first for this email I have to wish my Best Friend Nathan Walton a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you have a good day Nathan dont play to much Wii! Cant wait to play Super Smash Bros with yah!

Well transfers went well this week, it is really weird that this was president and sister rudds last intake. So that was a bit sad.

But the rest of the week me and my new Companion Elder Ith went on an exchange with some of the Zone Leaders and also had some really good visits with some of our investigators, We were visiting with Stevie and Melissa this week on Friday night and we got Melissa and her daughters baptism all decided and everything was going great, then the next morning we got a text from Stevie telling us that Melissa has read some stuff and doesn't want her or her daughter to be baptised any more, so we went over and visited with them and tried to see what we could do but she is pretty against being baptised now. It is really sad you grow really close to people and see them grow so much and then it doesn't really work out. It had me pretty down and we were talking to president Rudd after and he just said to us "The Lord will provide" so i have been thinking about that ever since and how true it really is, all of us are constantly facing trials and sometimes we dont see how anything good can come from a trial or really where the trial will end. I suppose Abraham was thinking the same thing when the Lord commanded him to offer up Isaac as he walked up the mountain I assume he was wondering how anything good could come from this, maybe he was trying to think of a way out of it, I'm sure whatever was going through his mind was not pleasant for him, but then Isaac asks Abraham where the lamb is and Abraham says "The Lord will provide himself with a lamb". Just at the moment when Abraham needed it the most the Lord commanded him to not lay his hand upon Isaac, We don't know what the Lord has in store for us this week or in the next month and years to come but we can feel confident that he knows what he is doing and the Lord really does provide, although it is hard when you have investigators drop I know that the Lord will provide a way, but we will most likely have to climb a mountain first before we find what he has placed in our path. I love you all and I love the church so much! I know it is true! and I know that our Saviour lives!

May 29

Kia Ora Everyone!

Hope everyones week was great we had a really good week this week, the missionary work in Temple View is going great!

Well this week we went on exchanges during the morning and on one of the days it started nice and sunny and it was me and Elder Gutke and we were riding the bikes and all of the sudden it just starts raining hard out on us! we got so soaked haha but it was really fun gotta love that.

Our Investigators Stevie and Melissa are progressing really really well on tuesday we went over and did the stop smoking program with them and so far they have been doing really really good, its been 6 days and they havent smoked so it is going great! we had a lot of good visits with them this week. On saturday we were getting lunch and all of the sudden we got this text from them that said. "we are bored can you come read scripture with us" Me and elder tibbitts looked at each other and were liek what the haha it was super funny so we went over and had a really great visit with them, and really helped them with a lot of questions that they had. And it was great because Melissa also came to all three hours of church yesterday and really liked it all, tonight we are going over and having a FHE with them and the kids so we will tell you how that goes next week!

I love you all so sorry this email is super short but duty calls.

Come unto Christ

Come unto Christ