Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jun. 19

Kia Ora Everyone!

Wow where did the time go! this week went by really fast!

So this week we were going on the farewell tour for President and Sister Rudd, we did four tours and so we started on tuesday up in Auckland and ended in Tauranga on Friday, I think i liked Fridays the best because it was at the Marea located in my first area and it was so nice to be back there.

It is always nice to go an travel around with President and Sister Rudd, this time it was a little sad though because it is the last time and it was pretty much to say goodbye, at the end of all the meetings we would stand up and start singing God be with you til we meet again while they were walking out, the spirit was really strong and it was a really cool week that we had. President Rudd gave a good last little speech to everyone and really pumped the whole mission up, its gonna be hard to see them go next week.

We had a really good visit with Mason and his kids on Tuesday and they came to church on sunday which was awesome and we have a family home evening with them tonight at one of the members homes and so that is going to be really fun!

We haven't been able to contact our new investigator we found last week they have been gone every single time we have gone over but we will keep trying.

We were walking around Temple View on Saturday and were just knocking on random doors and we started talking to this one lady and it turned out she wasnt a member and we were really shocked that no one had known there was a non member at this house, she wasnt really interested in talking to us at all but we will still probably go back anyways haha.

We had a good visit also with Stevie and Melissa on saturday to and it was really good because melissa came and sat in on the lesson again which was good she for sure felt the spirit to which is really good.

Me and Elder Ith have both decided that it is really time for a baptism here in the Temple View area so we have decided that we are really gonna kick it into high gear and do a whole lot of praying and fasting, and we have started to see a few good things come our way so we know that if we put our trust in Heavenly Father we will begin to see some miracles!

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who leads and guides us each day, I know that God is more than just an all knowing being who created the earth, but he really is our Father he has a body of flesh and bones and he loves us even more than we can comprehend. I am also so very grateful for my Dad and the wonderful example he is to me i hope i can be just like him some day. Today i want to end this email by saying thank you to my Dad he is the best Dad in the whole world, I am who i am because of him and the example he has been to me Thanks Dad for always taking me to go on jobs with you thanks for playing catch outside with me and thank you for teaching me all about the Gospel and helping me prepare to come on a mission you are the best! The church is true, Jesus is the Christ.

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Come unto Christ