Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jun. 26

Kia Ora Everyone!

Wow I cannot believe this week is finally here, the last six months has been gearing up for this week and it is here and i cannot believe it! it will be a busy week but i'm sure we will survive.

This week was pretty good we spent a good amount of time proselyting and working. A cool expience we had this week we were going around and knocking some doors in our area and we decided to try this guy that works over by a camp ground that the church owns and so we went to his house and knock on the door and this guy answers and just looks at us a goes "oh you fellas" we started talking to him and he wasnt interested at all but we keep talking and turns out he is not even the guy we are looking for apparently that guy moved out, so we keep talking and then the guy just goes oh would you guys like to come in side and sit down and so we were like yeah sure, so we had a good talk with him we would kinda bring the gospel up in just little bits and pieces cause he didnt really like it when thats all we would talk about but it was cool they told us that we could come back and me and Elder Ith both have a pretty good feeling about them.

We also had some great lessons with Stevie and Melissa this week, they gained a pretty good testimony of prayer this week because of some things that were going on with stevie, so it was pretty cool.

sorry this is so short again, we have been preparing for the new mission president to come so my mind is pretty blank right now haha we are focused on other things. And next week we will let you know how the first week went with the new mission president!

Once again I just want everyone to know that I know the church is true! I know our saviour lives and he loves and cares for us, God is truly our Father and he loves us, and there is no greater joy that one can experience than to be able to return to live with them. I know that the commandments that God has given us are a roadmap to be able to return to live with him and by following Gods commandments we truly are blessed, I love you all!


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