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Mar. 13

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well i'm pretty sure i was just writing an email like yesterday these weeks go by way fast!!! Anyway hope everyone's week was wonderful my week was full of excitment and craziness!

We had a lot of interviews this week and we started off the interiews up in south Auckland so while president Rudd is interviewing the missionaries of the zone we are giving a training to the rest of the zone, we started off in my last zone Manurewa! and then went over to Redoubt! after the interviews we went on exchange with the Redoubt Zone leaders and that was really awesome especially since one of the Zone leaders Elder Ith came out to the mission with me i met him in the Salt Lake Airport so we have literally known each other our whole mission! anyways we went into a lesson tuesday night with a less active member she was super nice and we had an awesome visit with her and at the end of the lesson we invited her to say the prayer and she was like ah i will next time and then Elder Ith was like you said that last time and the time before that and she was like i really mean it this time haha and i'm thinking to myself there is no way we are leaving here without this lady praying so i say to her if i sing a solo will you say the prayer and she was like yup and i was like al all right someone give me a hymn book haha i sang the solo then she said the prayer only she cheated she said the prayer in Maori! haha but it was all goods Elder Ith said they had been trying to get her to pray for ages so we were satisfied with that.

Then the next day on wednesday we were just walking around the area and it came to lunch time and we got back to their flat and my comp and his comp werent back yet and they had the key so we just decided to keep walking we walked around the corner and walked through the gate of the first house and just started talking to the two guys one was in his 20's and the other was like 19 and we had an awesome talk with them, they said to us that they always were so unsure about missionaries but after talking to us they think we are the coolest people ever haha so that was a pretty cool miracle and so elder ith and his companion are going to keep trying and visiting with them.

The rest of the week we were doing more interviews and that was literally the rest of the week but it has been great to go around to all the different zones and visit with them all and give our training it is pretty cool cause the training is like second nature now we can just go up and do it, i guess that is what happens when you have done it six times haha.

On sunday we also had the opportunity to go with president and sister rudd to the Tauranga stake conference which that was the first zone i was in so i got to see all of the members from my first are which was really cool and it was really cool to see that they all remembered me also so that was nice. and the sunday meeting was awesome too the authority who was speaking did awesome and it really good for me at that point in time!

But that was pretty much the week I have been sick the whole week so part of thursday and all of friday we were in the flat so i could try to feel better but i still felt pretty gross throughout the weekend and am finally starting to feel better!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week and please be safe! Love you all and remember the church is true!!!!! and it always will be! that is a fact of life!!!! 
Exchange with Elder Ith

Dax calls this one "I got ya Cindy Lou!"

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