Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jun. 12

Hey everyone so this is going to be really short cause i'm really short on time today but i thought i would share one quick story from this week.

So me and elder ith were biking around the area on friday and we were going down one of the streets and we saw some members who are from my first area in tauranga and elder ith served there also so he new them also so we start talking to them for a while then all of the sudden these people walk out of this house and i look at them and think hmm thats wierd they dont look like members, anyways we keep talking then when we finish the people were about halfway up the street and elder ith looked at me and said "are those people members" and i said i dont think so, so then he said"should we talk to them" and i was like yeah but it would be really awkward to just rid up beside them like that so we remembered there was a little shortcut that goes through one street and connects back to the street they were on, so we booked it in the other direction and got to the short cut and elder ith biked up it but i was way to tired so i got off and was just kinda huffing and puffing up haha but finally right when we got to the top the people were right there so we timed it really really good, but i was totally out of breath for the first half of the conversation so it was really funny cause i'm trying to teach and i couldnt breath haha. but we got a new investigator from it so that was awesome!!!! we will be visiting them on Thursday of this week!

I love you all and hope you all have a really really good week!

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