Sunday, July 3, 2016

May 22

Kia Ora Everyone! Boy it has been a long time since i have written one of these sorry about that!

So a cool experience we had a few weeks ago our stake presidents son goes to a school in town called St. Paul's Collegiate, and one of his teachers started asking him questions about the church and then asked him if he could have some people who are from the church come and talk about the church, so we went and gave a little presentation and it was really cool we talked about the book of Mormon and how it came about and Joseph Smith and the whole time the Reverend was looking through the book of Mormon and after the class he told us he wants us to come back again! he also told us after that what we said about the book of Mormon helped him a lot cause from what we said it makes more sense to him.

Now the next experience which was a really really good one, i was on exchange down in rotorua, we had been having a not very good day no one was home, it was wet and rainy, we had gone through all the plans and we had no where to go, I don't know anything about the area so i looked at the Zone Leader I was with and I said ok we got thirty minutes lets make something happen where are we going. He then said he had one more person we could try, so as we are driving to this persons house there is a man walking up the sidewalk pretty close to the house we are going to, I saw him in the corner of my eye and I had the impression that we needed to talk to him, so we park the car across the street from the house we were going too and i was not planning on talking to this guy who was walking up the street, but the prompting came again and so I said hello to him started talking to him and then among some other things he said some bad words and started walking away and telling us that God isnt real. But I knew i received a prompting to talk to him so i kept walking after him and kept talking to him finally bore my testimony to him that God is real and that he loves him, and then this guy just opened up to us and his whole attitude and everything changed, we set up a time for the elders to go and visit him again and as he walked away he had the biggest smile on his face and he said you've changed my life. Now i haven't heard anything else from the elders about him but i know that we did good, whether or not he gets baptized at least he know that there is a God in Heaven who loves him.

There is one thing that i try to tell everyone before they shut the door or walk away and that is that God is real and that he loves them, and that he knows them personally. That is such a wonderful thing that we know, and it does change lives ive seen it, I hope that everyone can look closely this week and see how the knowledge that God is our father has blessed your life and then to share that with someone who doesn't have that knowledge, this gospel is to precious and to wonderful to be kept to ourselves. I love you all and am so grateful for everyone's love and support. have a wonderful week everyone!


Also a big happy birthday to my bro Austin! I should say happy golden birthday 26 on the 26th hurray!!!!! Have a great week :)

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