Sunday, July 3, 2016

Apr. 17

Kia Ora Everyone!!!

Once again another week has come and gone! It is so crazy to think but this week is transfers! that is so crazy this eight week transfer is over and now we will be back on our six week cycle!

So all last week we were helping President Rudd do transfer planning and that is always exciting! But last week we had to make several trips up to the airport so we were out of our are for a while but we still managed to have an incredible week and with the short amount of time that we had we saw some great miracles!

So last week on Monday we had an appointment at six and that fell through so I texted our investigator who was set for baptism on the 14th of may to see if we could come over, and he texted back and said sorry i'm not interested in being baptized anymore.... so that was one nice shot to the gut so that had me pretty down on Monday. But we recieved a refferal from the visitors centre for some people in Temple View and to be honest I didnt have a very good attitude about it, i was just like its in temple view they are probably just some less active members we go and visit them turns out there are four people there who have not been baptized and they want to be baptized! So we have had two lessons with them this week and they have been really good! what is even more crazy is that one of the girls her grandpa is the bishop down in Wairoa(my second are)! and that is also where Elder Tibbitts started his mission so we both know her grandpa really well so we were freaking out when she told us that and we were like man what a small country haha.

Then on saturday we were going to visit one of the part member families that lives in temple view and we got out of the van and there was this girl walking down the sidewalk and we recognized her cause she lives at the same house as the kid who dropped us on Monday so we started talking to her and she started telling us how her and her friend talk about the church sometimes, and then she said we talked about the three kingdoms last time and so we were like oh yeah you know it talks about the three kingdoms in the bible and she was like really and so we showed her and she was like wow my mind has been blown haha, so she said we could come visit with her sometime.

But another cool expierence we were visiting an older sister who stays in one of the wards and it wasnt a very effective visit we were basically just doing the home teachers job so we were just about to leave and then her Less active daughter comes up and is like oh elders stay right there ive got someone who wants to meet you, so she walked down stairs and came back up with this guy and was like this is my sons friend he wants to be taught by the missionaries, and to be honest I was just standing in this room thinking to myself what the heck is going on right now haha it was so awesome so we are going to have a lesson with him this week on saturday up at the visitors centre so I will tell you all how that goes next week!

But in total we found five new investigators this week in our area and in temple view that is un heard of because i can literally drive around temple view in five minutes and show you all 5 non member houses haha so it is so cool that we have found these people!

It goes to show once again that the Lord does answer prayers after Monday I had been praying really hard that we would be able to find people to teach and to baptize and the Lord blessed us this week with people who are prepared to receive the message of the Gospel. The Church is true, Jesus Christ is the son of God and he heads this Church of that I bear my testimony!


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