Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jul 10

Kia Ora Everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone! Boy was this a busy week!
This week we took President and Sister Cummings around the whole mission so that they could meet everyone, we finished all that up yesterday and got back at about 3 in the afternoon so needless to say Elder Ith and I are very tired!

We didn't have time to teach to many lessons this week but we did on Tuesday have another really good lesson with Stevie and Melissa we talked about the Holy Ghost with them and as we were talking we asked them how they feel when we are here and when we are teaching them and they said they can feel a difference when we are there and so we asked them why do you think that is and they both go cause the spirit is here and then when you go it leaves. So it was really cool to see that they recognise the spirit and the difference that it makes in our lives

We then went and visited with Mason, and Lil Mason and Maea and had a really good visit with them, Lil Mason and Maea have gone to stay with them mom in Aussie for the school hollidays for the next two weeks so we wont be able to see them for a little while, but we will be going over to see Mason. We will hopefully be able to start preparing to have the kids baptized in august that is the goal right now anyways so we are gonna work real hard this month to make sure we can do that!

Sadly that is pretty much it for this week! we had a whole lot of driving and don't think you really wanna hear about that haha. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Also a big BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER LINDSAY even though your birthday was last week on Thursday still thought i would just say it again! Happy Birthday Linds Love you so much!!!!

Remember everyone the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, and it is the Lords kingdom once again established here on the earth!

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Come unto Christ