Friday, December 18, 2015

"Put the Pressure on Ourselves to Make Every Lesson Great."

Kia Ora Everyone!
Well we are one week closer to Christmas!
What a wonderful time of year this!  and what a wonderful time of year it is to be a missionary and be on the Lords errand!  It is such a blessing to be able to serve him at this time of year! I have always loved Christmas time as many of you know and so I love it even more that I can be serving the Savior full time this season! Because after all he is the reason for the season!

Well we had a very eventful week here and like I promised last week i will try to make this email a little bit longer! I do have a few wonderful experiences that i would like to share this week!  so since it was the first week of the Transfer all of the Zone Leaders in the mission traveled to Hamilton and we had a meeting at President Rudds house, and we pretty much just talk about how we as leaders can help the mission and what do we need to do to be better missionaries.  President Rudd gave a wonderful training and then the Assistants gave some wonderful trainings also ans everyone was inspired, we realized that sometimes we as missionaries invite people to be baptized and then we just kinda leave them in the dark and hope they figure out how to gain a testimony of the Gospel so we all practiced inviting people to be baptized and then telling them what they need to do to get to that point that they will want to be baptized and it is so simple what we need to do to help our investigators become converted and gain a testimony because its those Sunday school answers it is Praying(morning and night, and having a prayer in your heart throughout the day) Going to Church(and actively participating) and Reading the Scriptures(really reading not just reading) it is so simple sometimes we all try to look beyond the mark, but it is those simple things that bring about true and lasting conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

One other thing President Rudd said that really hit me was he said that we need to make every single lesson we have Monumental in that persons life every single lesson needs to be life changing or else they will lose interest and that is not what we want!  So President Rudd told us to "Put the pressure on ourselves to make every lesson great." And that is what Elder Gutke and I did this week and we had two incredible lessons right after MLC!

The first lesson was with one of our investigators who is really new to the whole believing in God thing, we were able to answer her questions that she had and we were able to tell her those simple principals of the Gospel that families can be together forever and you could tell she really started to feel it, then our ward mission leader bore his testimony of how he came into the gospel and it was perfect! the spirit was so strong and it was just what she needed to hear!

the Second lesson which was literally right after the fist lesson(interesting how that works haha)
was with two of our baptismal sets and the lesson was going good but it just seemed like they were not very interested or weren't really paying attention, but we got into one part of the Plan of Salvation and i cant really remember which part I think we may have been talking about agency and we asked our ward mission leader to bare testimony again and the spirit came and it was awesome because our investigators dad who is Less active was sitting in on the lesson and he started crying during the testimony and after he told us that it really hit home to him!  it was incredible to see the Lord just take over in the lessons and bring the spirit in!  It truly doesn't matter how smart we are how much we now or how well we speak the true teacher is the spirit and without the spirit we will fail in missionary work!

Last thing i want to share this week is on Saturday our neighbor(not a member of the church) invited us over to her place for a Christmas party so we thought why not so we went over and it turned out be like her church Christmas party but that was all good we had a wonderful time listened to their Pastor give a nice Christmas message and we got to talk to a lot of people and make new friends! They also invited us to their Bible study group on Thursday so we will be going to that, I think it will really help and they will be able to see that we pretty much believe in the same things they believe in so we will let you know how that goes next week!

I just want to finish once again by sharing my testimony.  I  know that this Church is true I know that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God, and I know that Thomas S. Monson is the current prophet on the earth.  I know that Jesus lives and that he is our Savior! I love you all thank you for all the prayers! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and continues to remember the Savior during this wonderful time of the year!

 He finally sent some pictures!

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