Thursday, December 17, 2015

Oct. 4

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well i just want to start off by saying this week was absolutely wonderful!
As you all know we had a few exchanges this week all of which were really really good, by far the best was when we had the Assistants down here on thursday and friday we set a goal with them to double our teaching pool and we did it! we found 7 new people to teach this week! it was nothing less than a miracle!

On tuesday I gave my first training in District Meeting and I feel like it went pretty well so hopefully everyone who was there took something away from it.

Our exchange with the assistants was very good, I learned so much from them both and it was good that we were able to hit our goal of doubling our teaching pool!

One downfall of the week was we had a funeral for our Bishops son, but there were so many people there all three days the chapel was totally full on the last day there were over 700 people there! literally the  whole town of Wairoa was there!  It was a really wonderful service.  Scary part Wednesday night they asked me to speak at the service that was held at the house... there were a few hundred there that night also and I had no idea what to say!  But I said a quick prayer and Lord filled my mouth with words don't ask me to tell you what i said because i cant remember because it was not me speaking!

There has been some amazing miracles seen from the funeral though when we are talking to people on the street now they say "oh we saw you at the funeral" and then they ask us a question or we ask them what they thought of the service and we end up having a really great conversation with them!  Our Bishop also bore a powerful testimony yesterday of how he knows that they will see their son again and that everything will work out.

We also had 3 people at church yesterday which was wonderful we had a few people who we really thought were going to come not show up so that was a little disappointing, but we will keep working hard and we will see more miracles come our way!

Well that is about it for this week, we also set one of our Investigators for Baptism his name is Bon we haven't really taught him to much because he was taught previously by missionaries.  So he will be baptized on November 14th i probably wont be here because that is after transfers but its all good! i will just be happy that he has taken that step to come closer to Christ.

I hope you all have a good week thank you all so much for the prayers that you say for me I really feel them!  The Church is true and I love you all!!

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Come unto Christ