Thursday, December 17, 2015


Kia Ora Everyone!!!!!

Well i am now in my new area and things are going great!  it is really weird having to learn a new area again and having to learn everything, it is a nice break from leading the area though because now i just get to kinda relax... but not really because i'm the driver haha.

So we had a few mean experiences this week:
First one was a lesson we had with one of our investigators, this was only the second lesson that we have had with her and it went really well we taught her a bit about faith and what not and the spirit was super strong, and every time we would say something she would get this smile on her face, and when we gave her a Book of Mormon she just lit up it was so cool!

next one me and elder noa were just walking around and we saw this guy in his garage so we walked up and started talking to him, and elder noa just went right into a lesson it was mean and we ended up teaching him a bit and then we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! it was crazy i forgot that things like that could happen after being in Wairoa for so long haha.

but going back in time a little bit the last few days in Wairoa were so awesome! I love that place so much and it was really hard to leave, it is so amazing how much love you have for the people you meet, the members of the ward and investigators all have a special place in my heart now! they have all blessed my life so much!

I am super excited for this new transfer I cant wait to see what great experiences are in store here in this wonderful area.

One thing we have been leaving with everyone we have been visiting with these last few days is the commitment to pray, i would encourage everyone to evaluate your prayers and see where you can improve, my testimony of prayer has for sure grown these last few weeks it is so incredible how all our father in heaven asks us to do is be sincere and he answers our prayers and sometimes it is not in the way we expect but he does answer and the way he answers is so much better than the way we want him to answer!  sorry this is a pretty short email but i would just like to end by saying happy late birthday to my best bud Zac Millet hope you had a good day bud!  and also welcome to the family Cache Killpack congrats cass and aust he looks like a real cutie he must get that from his uncle dax haha!  Love you all have a good week everyone!!!

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