Friday, December 18, 2015


Kia Ora Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well and hope everyone had a wonderful week

our week down here was a really good one and it was also just a little crazy with transfers, but that is how it always is on transfers week.

We have a lot of new missionaries in our zone and we can already tell that it is going to be a really good transfer.

We had a lot of good lessons this week which is good that we still managed to do really well with lessons because its is pretty hard to do that on transfers week but we worked really hard the last two days to make sure that we were keeping our focus on what we are here to do.

But this week is the first week of the new transfer and so we are super excited!  the best part of this transfer will of course be Christmas it is such an awesome time of the year to be able to get to remember the savior and his birth I hope everyone watched the videos on the links that i included in the email last week.  It is really nice because the church has given us as missionaries some cards that we get to pass around and we have been handing out heaps of them so hopefully everyone is watching the videos because they are really really good!  

But really there wasn't too much in our week last week we loaded everyone up for transfers and boy is that a mission up here when you only have two cars but we got it all sorted out and everyone got down safely and then we got back up safely and got all the luggage dropped off to the missionaries then friday saturday and sunday were just really me showing my new comp around the area so he can get a feel for the place.   we had some fun talking to people on the street though it is a little tougher now because elder noa could speak Samoan to all the Samoans but now that hes not here when we talk to the Samoans in english they just start talking in Samoan so then we usually just try to say something funny so they laugh and we can break the tension then hand them a pass along card.

Sorry not really to much to write about this week but there will be a lot more next week because tomorrow we will have our Mission leadership council and that is always a blast and we always learn great things from that and it will be a full week of proselyting so we will have some great experiences to tell i'm sure of it!

I think the best experience this week was getting my new comp Elder Gutke he is from Mapleton and the coolest part is he knows my cousins Kenna, Sandra, and Mitch what a small world!

Well I am super sorry that this letter is so short i promise next weeks will be a lot longer and we will have some cool stories!  Love you all thanks for all of the love and prayers I can feel them all the way down here in New Zealand! Love you all and hope you all have a good week!

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