Thursday, December 17, 2015

You Must be as a Child

Kia Ora Everyone!!!!

Well i hope everyone has had a wonderful week it feels like just yesterday i was in this email shop! the week has just flown by!

We had so many wonderful experiences this week and we were working really really hard this week!  This week we went on exchanges with all of the District Leaders in the Zone and also on Thursday we went on a short exchange with the Assistants and that was awesome we had a really good exchange.

One of the big lessons that i have really learned this week and also that i have been learning throughout my mission and that i'm sure i will continue to learn for the rest of my life is how the Lord prompts us to do certain things and then we act on the prompting and the outcome is not what we expect.  For example this week when on an exchange with one of the Assistants we were walking down a street and we felt like we should go knock on a door, so we knocked the door and no one came to the door so then we felt like we should knock the next door so we did and same thing no one answered so we walked down the drive and looked to the right and there was a man standing on the sidewalk with his dog and he wasn't there before so we went and talked to him had a good talk and got a return appointment for some other missionaries because he doesnt live in our area.  After we talked to the man the promptings made sense the Lord needed us at that spot when that man was going to be there so he "sidetracked" us a bit and then we were at the right place at the right time.  Not the outcome we were expecting from the promptings but it is the outcome the Lord wanted.  

I think a really cool story that i would also like to share this week is about one of the missionaries who i was on an exchange with this week he is from Tonga and when he came out on his mission he didn't know how to speak any English and he also couldn't really understand it, so he said instead of using the material given to him in the MTC he decided to just read The Book of Mormon in English and then pray and fast and tried his best to speak the language and he has been out five months now and man he has probably the best English i have heard from and elder straight from Tonga.  It is incredible the power that The Book of Mormon and also praying and fasting has those simple gospel principals truly bring about wonderful and incredible miracles!

My testimony has really been strengthened this week of those simple gospel principals of attending church reading the scriptures and praying, by doing those three things a true testimony is planted and also made stronger, and faith is grown.

Well i think i will end this email by talking about our day yesterday!  we had a really good day yesterday, we had stake conference and it was really awesome there were a lot of really good speakers but the best part again was we had 4 of our investigators their and the best part two of them are 9 years old and they came again even though their parents didnt want to and they had a wonderful time!  I have so much respect for these kids when i was their age i probably would not have gone to church if my parents weren't going!  I for sure see why The Savior says that you must be as a child to enter into the kingdom of heaven because man these kids have some great faith!  

Well I hope everyone has a good week this week! I want to thank everyone for all of the prayers and love! I can for sure feel it all the way down here in NZ!
Remember the church is true! and I love you all!

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