Thursday, December 17, 2015

No Such Things as Coincidences in this Work!

Kia Ora Everyone!

hope everyone has had a really good week! our week was pretty busy!

We started off the week on Tuesday with a trip down to Hamilton, we had a meeting with President Rudd and it was a really great meeting President Rudd is awesome and is such an incredible teacher! that was an incredible experience and really helped us to plan for our Zone Meeting on Thursday.

Then Zone Meeting on Thursday was really great we had an incredible discussion as a zone and everyone in the zone gave great input and the spirit was very strong in the meeting we all left the meeting feeling very uplifted and we all had that renewed desire to go out and serve with all of our heart might mind and strength and we are now expecting great things from the zone.  The zone has a lot of people set for baptism on the 28th of November and we are really excited about that so some extra prayers that those sets will stay solid would be much appreciated!

The highlight of this week had to be yesterday though we were going around and doing the rounds inviting all of our investigators to church and we went to one families house to invite them and the parents were not very keen on coming to church but the two boys who are 9 and 6 really really wanted to come and they were begging their mom to let them come and it was a pretty intense few seconds as she thought about it but she finally said yes and said that the boys could come! and we ended up having 9 investigators at church yesterday and that was awesome and we also have 9 investigators set for baptism and they are all doing really really well and it is looking really promising!  So we are going to keep on working hard with them and keep visiting them so they can continue to have their testimony grow and be strengthened!

Also yesterday when we were leaving one of our investigators home after inviting them to church we were walking down the drive when we stopped to talk to this guy and he told us that he had gone to a "Mormon" church last week and so we asked him if he would like to come again and if he liked the service and he said yes that he really liked the service and wants to come again! So we set up a return appointment with him and he said he wants to come to church next week! so we will visit him this week and hopefully it will pan out into something!  it was a really cool experience though, once again what are the odds of that happening us running into a guy right before church and he had just been to one of our services the week before! No such things as coincidences in this work!

I hope everyone will look for those opportunities throughout the week to share the gospel the news that we have to share is far to important for us to just keep it to ourselves! 

I hope that everyone will have a good week this week and that you all will be safe i would like to thank you all for all the prayers and for all the love and kindness that you all give me! I have the best group of family and friends in the whole world i am so very lucky!  I love you all have a great week everyone and we will talk to you all next week!

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