Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Way the Lord Wants

Kia Ora Everyone

Well not really to much time this week and not really any interesting experiences to share.  

We tracted into a less active family and so we have another less active family to visit,  We also had a visit on saturday with two of our new investigators, they go to the rock church but they don't really have a religious background at all so we really really have to simplify our teaching.

Other than that we had a few up and down days, one day even knocking on doors was not productive well to be honest in my opinion that is never productive haha but still it gives you something to do and there was no one home no one was interested and that made it a lot tougher.

General Conference was wonderful that was easily the greatest part of the whole week! we are so lucky to be able to listen to living prophets and apostles!  I left General Conference with a stronger testimony that ever before!  I loved every single talk and i felt like every talk was meant just for me!

Also I had the opportunity to do an exchange this week with elder landis which was pretty fun it was really weird being back with him for a day and it reminded us both of old times.  We had a really good exchange though and had some really good visits with people.

So last story for today on saturday we had an appointment with one of our new investigators we showed up at his house a little earlier than our appointment and we were sitting in the car then all of the sudden a car pulls up in the driveway and then pulls out and drives away, and in the car was the guy we were supposed to have the appointment with and me and elder brunson just looked at each other kinda like did that seriously just happen he looked right at us!  then we went to a less actives home and he had been having a rough day and we were able to help him out so that was good.

Sometimes in the moment it seems like everything is going wrong for us when in actuality everything is going the way the Lord wants it so that in the future absolutely everything will be going right and working for our benefit.  I love you all and hope you all have a good week! 

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