Thursday, December 17, 2015

Service Opportunities

Kia Ora Family and Friends!

Well i hope everyone has had a wonderful week this week!
Our week down here in New Zealand was pretty good!  The best part of the whole week was our service opportunity that we had
So it was Friday morning and we were planning for our week and I really wanted to do service this week because we hadn't had a service in a while, then the phone rang and it was one of the members of the ward and she told us the her neighbour needed us to came help him in his garden.  We got to his house and saw his pretty good size garden and he asked us if we would turn all the dirt over for him, this was a job that you would normally use a tiller for but instead we had the pitch fork things it was a really hot day but we did it! it took a few hours but we did it, then we started talking to this guy when he was 15 years old he joined the merchant navy and on his first trip his ship was sunk there were a total of 27 men on board 13 made it off the boat and 9 survived he was one of the 9, he told us a few other things that i dont really have time to share but it was such a wonderful thing to help him he told us he has been in and out of the hospital 15 times since 2011 it felt so good to be able to help him out with his Garden!

So this week is transfers and I am getting transferred up to South Auckland and President Rudd has called me to be a Zone Leader,  I was a little shocked when i got the phone call but i do know that President Rudd is a very inspired man so I know this call comes from our Heavenly Father, but still might need you all to send a few extra prayers my way haha.

Sorry this is so short this week not really to much happened besides our wonderful service opportunity! this was a great week and i'm glad that this was my last week in Wairoa it was a good week to end on!

I hope everyone is constantly looking for service opportunities, after all the first thing Ammon did when he went before king Lamoni was told him he would be his servant and he served him! then he was able to do miracles and convert him and his whole household! miracles happen from service even if we cannot see the immediate effect!  I love you all have a wonderful week! Remember to Serve others and you will be blessed! 

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