Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dec. 20

Kia Ora Everyone!!!!!

How was everyone's week? 
Mine was pretty good also!  Can’t believe it is already Christmas this week time is just flying by on the mission!

First off for today I hope everyone has watched the videos that the church has put out for Christmas and has made an effort to share them with others whether it was putting it on social media or sharing it some other way.  Remember the message of the Gospel is too precious for us to keep to ourselves.

One pretty cool experience from this week when we went to go visit one of our investigators when we knocked on her door she was busy but this guy was just leaving the house and he started talking to us turns out he is a member of the church and he has made a few mistakes in his life but he wants to get on the right path again, so we talked to him for a little bit then set up an appointment to meet with him tomorrow and help him to start coming back to church!  It was a really cool experience of being at the right place at the right time to find the One.  It is incredible how Heavenly Father leads you along and really sometimes he does it without you even knowing it!  I think that is something i have learned this week and what seems to have been a recurring theme from the Apostles is that we are actually doing better than we think we are.  Sometimes we think we are just going somewhere just because but turns out there is a greater purpose and we didn't even know we were listening to the spirit.  It is wonderful how the spirit works!

We had a super spiritual Sacrament meeting yesterday I love the Christmas programs they always have such a special spirit.  And the best part we had several investigators at church and i'm positive they felt the spirit!  Christmas time really does bring a special spirit and i'm sure it is because everyone turns their thoughts even more towards the savior at this time of year it would be really wonderful if there was this feeling all year long!

I know this is a really really short email, but i just wanna spend the last of this to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much you are the absolute best Mom in the whole world!!!!!  I dont know what i did to deserve such a wonderful Mom, you have taught me so much and i am so very grateful for all that you have done for me and for all that you continue to do for me!  Thank you for always reminding me to stand up tall,  thank you for always being so nice to me and all of my friends and making us some really good food for lunch.  But most thank you for always staying up late when I was out with friends to make sure i got home safe and thank you for staying up even later talking to me about how the night was.  There was never a night when i came home that you didnt still have TLC on and you were awake waiting for me.  I am so grateful for those times and the awesome times we had together watching movies and just having fun you are the best mom in the whole world and you have taught me so much!  you are so caring for others and you are always worried about others that one still hasnt sunk in on me yet but hopefully it will get there soon!  You are the best Mom!  If anyone happens to see my mom in this coming week be sure to tell her happy 25th birthday, also if ya’ll wanna throw it up on facebook and what not feel free to! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELLO!!!!!!!!!

Love you all sorry this is short but hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and family can’t wait to talk to you on Christmas!!!!!!!!!

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Come unto Christ

Come unto Christ