Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jan. 24

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well I hope you everyone has had a wonderful week, my week was pretty good and pretty busy!
I'm pretty short on time today and so i will be sure to share those really cool experiences that we had this week

First one we were at the Visitors Center on Monday having a lesson with some less actives and some member families and what not and after we had gotten done with a few of them and we were about to leave to go visit with President Rudd Elder Tibbitts grabbed me and handed something to me and it was a receipt and on it someone had written "I'm not a member teach me something" and then he had written some other things on the back and it basically said don’t ask me questions... so we go into one of the teaching rooms and we started to try to get to know the guy and see what he wanted us to teach him, we started talking about the basics and well let’s just say he knew a lot more than just the basics and then he was like teach me something I don’t know.  So Elder Tibbitts was talking to him and the whole time I was just thinking man what can we teach this guy I hope he doesn't ask me a question because my mind was totally blank, then all of the sudden some of the sister missionaries come in and take elder Tibbitts because a member family had showed up who we had set up a lesson with so i was left there with this guy and I'm supposed to teach him something he doesn't know, now this guy’s wife is a member he has two sons on a mission and a daughter who is leaving on a mission shortly.  So I said a quick prayer and just started talking I can’t really remember everything that I said but he started asking me questions and telling me how he thinks it’s stupid that his sons are on missions and how his daughter is going on a mission and then he said to me do you really believe this (meaning the church, book of mormon etc..) and I looked him in the eye and I said "No, I don’t believe it.... I know it" I wish you all could have seen his face when i said that but his attitude totally changed and he said "That's something I've never heard before" he sat there for a little while and thought and then he said "You have given me some things to think about, thank you, you have answered my questions"  That was easily one of the craziest experiences I have had on my mission and it was incredible I think I know how Ammon felt when he was with king Lamoni and he asked him a question and he didn’t answer and so the spirit gave him a question to ask and he was able to discern his thoughts because the Lord put thoughts into my mind that were not my thoughts and I was able to say exactly what he needed to hear.  It was 100% by the spirit!

Next story I was on an exchange with one of my old companions Elder Stephens and we were in their area and he told me there is a house that has an American flag outside and so I said we better go knock it, as we were walking to the house he pointed to another house and said a Member family lives there we can visit them after we knock on the other house, after we passed the driveway we both were just like you know what let’s just go right now, so we knocked on the door they let us in and we were talking to them and the sister in the house said "so as missionaries are you just constantly impressed to knock on doors" and we were like yeah sometimes but more often than not no and then she was like it seems like every time missionaries knock on our door it’s just at the right time and then she paused and was like "I think this is one of those times" her and her husband began to tell us how they just ended a fast because their youngest sons family is going through some struggles, they then asked us what more can we do and we just explained to them that prayer and fasting are very powerful so trust in those things, we then shared the story of when Elijah met the widow and had her make him some bread even though that would mean she wouldn’t have enough for her and her son but then Elijah promised her that if she made it for him first that the barrel of mill would not go empty.  we promised them that if they put heavenly father first trusted in him that everything will work out.  We then went and knocked on the American flag door had a talk with those people, then we back to the member home for dinner and when we went in the dad was on the phone and when he got off they said that he was on the phone with their oldest son who just got off the phone with their youngest son, then they said that was the answer to our prayers we didn’t think it would come this quickly, then they said thank you to us...

Really awesome experiences this week that have really helped my testimony grow even stronger! I love you all hope you all have a good week!

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