Sunday, February 28, 2016

Christmas All Year Long

Kia Ora Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas mine was really great!  the best part was for sure getting to call home and see my wonderful family!

I wish i could have been able to see each and every single one of you but what do yah do.
Well it was a really crazy week and not much missionary work really got done this week on Wednesday we had a our mission Christmas conference and that was really fun we all learned the actions to the new mission Haka which was really cool even though i wasnt very good at it haha but it was still really fun!  

On Christmas eve Elder Gutke and I literally were Santa Claus we were driving around all day giving people their Christmas packages and just when we thought we were done we got a call from some other Zone Leaders telling us they had just picked up mail and there was mail for elders and sisters in our Zone so we went and met the other Zone leaders got the mail and started all over again that went until like 4 O'clock.  

then we had one of our members text us and tell us they had a ham they wanted to give to someone for Christmas and so we went and got the ham and took it to one of our families we visit and they were very grateful and it really softened the Fathers heart which was awesome, and after we set their nine year old son who we have been teaching for Baptism on the 9th of Jan and the Dad was like "yep thats you my bro" it was awesome!

Small and simple things bring to pass great things, small and simple acts of service bring about wonderful blessings.  I have learned this Christmas once again how much better it is to give than it is to receive,  that is how we feel the true spirit of Christmas by giving.  My testimony of that has grown even more this year, I hope we can all remember to have that giving attitude throughout the rest of the year, the world may think Christmas ends after the 25th but we can keep the spirit alive all year long as we all have an attitude of giving for this new year to come!  When we are in the service of our fellow beings we are only in the service of our God!  as we serve others we serve our Heavenly Father.

I am sorry this is a really really short email  not really to much to report on this week, and i really just can’t remember but next weeks will be alot longer cause we have got a great week ahead of us!  I hope everyone has a good week and a good new years finish 2015 off strong and start 2016 off strong!  Love you all!

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