Sunday, February 28, 2016

Best Mission in the World

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well what a really good week we had down here in New Zealand and more specifically in the New Zealand Hamilton Mission the best Mission in the World!
Hope everyone had a good week also and that everyone is doing well!

First off for this week was we had our three days of Zone Conference and those ended up going great I felt pretty good about my training and after doing it nine time i had it pretty much down and knew it like the back of my hand, and yet I kept changing it a little bit each time, it was interesting to see the way the spirit guided the conversations and each one was really really good I thought so hopefully everyone else thought they were good also.

We did a total of three days and each of the days we broke up all the missionaries in to three groups so we all gave our training three times which was really fun and all the missionaries were really good and everyone participated really well and it felt like everyone walked away with something they had learned!  Me and Elder Tibbitts got to rid to all the conferences with President and Sister Rudd which made it even more fun they told us heaps of stories and we told them some stories also and we all just kinda got to know each other a little bit better which was really cool!

On tuesday after the Zone Conference we got to Hamilton at about 5 o'clock and texted one of our investigators to see if we could come over and usually when we text they are like yeah sure come over at seven thirty, but this time they were like yes please!!!!! so we went over and we had been talking about what we wanted to share with them as we were driving over and when we got their on of the partners came out and she started telling us what a stressful week it has been since she just started school and all this stuff and so we went inside she was telling us a little more and then she said when she was driving home she had this thought come into her mind and it was "the missionaries" she said when she thought that she just felt this relief come over her and she felt like a weight was lifted off her, so we asked her what she thought that was and she said well I assume it is the spirit cause that is what you guys always talk about, and we were like yeah that is the spirit haha.  But then the other partner started telling us he had a really stressful week and so we started sharing some scriptures with them and helped them to see how they can find Comfort in The Book of Mormon and other scriptures and then before we left we gave them both blessings and they were both just blown away by that they thought it was amazing!  it was just a really cool visit though because they learned to recognize the spirit for themselves it wasnt us explaining everything to them but we were just guiding them and they were answering their own questions it was really really awesome!

We have also been having some great visits with a part member family it a dad and his two kids that are 9 and 7 we are helping the dad come back to church and he is making leaps and bounds it is awesome he has stopped smoking and is starting to come back to church! He should be able to baptize his son here soon and then his daughter also.  We went over Monday night and gave both of the kids blessings for the start of the school year and after he said he hopes that he can do that next year and we said we will make sure you do it next year!  he is such a great guy and his kids are awesome too!  

One thing that I focused on in my training for Zone Conference was having charity when we teach, we can ask all the right questions and teach really really well but if we do not have charity it doesnt matter(1 corinthians 13:1) And so that is something that I have tried to start applying in my missionary work and i'm starting to see it slowly work its way into my teaching and it is really cool to see and to feel the love that Heavenly Father has for everyone.

Charity is important in so many aspects of our life.  I feel it is the sum of all the Christ-Like Attributes and with it we can accomplish many wonderful things, when we have charity it will cast out the fear to share the gospel and we will be driven by a love for the people more than anything else.  I hope everyone will study more about charity this week and apply it into your individual lives and use it for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, the Gospel is to precious of a message for us to keep to ourselves so I encourage everyone to "Pray unto the Father with all energy of heart that ye may receive this Love"(Moroni7:48).  I love you all have a good week everyone! 

Kia Kaha!

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