Saturday, September 26, 2015

Make Sure We Are Walking

Kia Ora Everyone!

I hope you all have had a fantastic week!  Life down here in NZ is just moving along!  

So we are going to the temple tomorrow but we just got news like just barely that the road up to Hamilton is closed because it has been raining like crazy the last two days! so we have to go a different way that goes out of our mission! so we get to see the outside of the NZHM this is a very rare opportunity!

This week was a little slower we were doing a lot of talking to people on the street this week and we found a few potentials but we didn't get any new investigators but we should have a few this week!

One cool experience while walking on the street the other day we saw one of the members of our ward and she was sitting with one of her friends so we started talking to them.  The member then asked us to share something we learned from our studies so we said ok and Elder Brunson started talking about his studies but we snuck in a little of the Restoration in there and I noticed when Elder Brunson said Joseph Smith restored christ's church to the earth she was kinda taken back a bit because she is presbyterian and she believes she is part of Christ's church so I said I noticed you were taken back a little bit when my Companion said this and she was like yeah and I said well here is the fact we have The Book of Mormon and if The Book of Mormon is true then the church is true because if its true then that means Joseph Smith really was a prophet.  She agreed We then told her that we are not asking her to leave her faith but we are inviting her to gain a better relationship with the saviour and we informed her she will grow closer to the Saviour by reading The Book of Mormon.  We then said we want to give you a Book of Mormon and she said well thank you i was actually going to ask for one! That was really awesome it is incredible the power that The Book of Mormon has!  

Another cool story while walking around town the other day I had the thought to go a different way then what we normally do and it was a bit weird because except for the place where we walk the rest of the down is pretty much dead haha but we went that way anyways and we say this guy  who was walking his dog and we started talking to him he has a few family members in the church and some cousins on missions so we asked if he would be interested in learning more he said yes ans so we will go see him this week because he went out of town this weekend!  The Lord really does put people in our paths we just have to make sure we are walking!

Well that is it for this week, I hope everyone has a good week and remember The Book of Mormon is central to this gospel if it is true and it is then that means that the church is the only true church on the earth! I know The Book of Mormon is true! Love you all have a wonderful week!

Pic of the week, good ol' Dax

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