Friday, September 11, 2015

Forgetting yourself- Aug. 30th

Kia Ora Everyone

I know the first thing that is on all of your minds is how the goat was! but sadly we didn't get to have the goat but I still had a great birthday i wanna thank everyone who sent me bday emails that was really nice of you all! 

So this week was a little interesting on monday when we were going to have the goat we got out to Amy and Logans and stress was in the air one of their cows had given birth but one of the babies died in the mom which pinches a nerve and makes it so they can feel their back legs so we helped them lift up this cow!  obviously i had to do all the heavy lifting because of my nice big muscles i have haha.  But it was really awesome that i got to give service on my birthday, now giving service isn't really anything new out here on the mission but it was on my birthday and i was helping someone else and i could totally feel the savior's love when I in essence "forgot myself" it was such a wonderful day and i feel so blessed to have had that opportunity to serve on my birthday!

Then on tuesday i went out to nuhaka with the elder from the philippines on exchange it was really interesting to see how they do missionary work up there because that is the smallest area in the whole mission! but it was great i had a wonderful time and learned heaps!

Then wednesday night Elder Brunson and I decided to fast for some of our investigators so all thursday we were fasting and I can say just as nephi said that  "the tender mercies of the lord are over all those whom he hath chosen" 1 nephi 1:20.  and one of our investigators text when we were done with our fast and invited us over for a boil up! which is my most favourite Maori dish! it was incredible and without a doubt the best boil up ever!  and then to end the week we had several less active members that we visit with come to church on sunday two of which we weren't expecting to come at all so it was a really nice surprise!

Other than that not to much else this week, I hope eveyone has a wonderful week thanks for all the love and support you all give me i can feel the strength that comes from all your prayers!

And one last thing Happy Birthday on the 1st Dad! you're the best dad ever I am so grateful for you and your example to me I wouldnt be out on a mission if it wasn't for you!

He was very proud of his deviled eggs

Elder Holmes and Elder G in Nuhaka



"That sends a chill up the spine."

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