Saturday, September 26, 2015

Agents Who Act

Kia Ora Everyone

I hope everyone had a good week this week!  

This week was transfers for us here in the New Zealand Hamilton Mission but thankfully I was not transferred!

It has been a pretty busy week though we said goodbye to Elder Rios he has been transferred and the missionary that replaced him up in Nuhaka is none other than.... Elder Landis haha my trainer.  it will be good to serve around him again!

Well we worked pretty hard this week, we found 3 new people to teach who all were pretty interested when we first made contact but then when we went back for our return appointment they were not very interested.  But what made the week good was we got to have another boil up!  which was great!

But really this week what i was impressed with was how we have not been able to find new people to teach for some time and then this week we set our goal higher and we were able to accomplish it and we found new investigators for the first time in like 4 weeks!  and the secret to it was Work!  I remembered when David A. Bednar came to the mission he talked about being agents who act rather than objects that are acted upon, we need to be "agents unto ourselves"(D&C 58:28)  By applying this principle this week we were able to find new investigators and we will continue to apply it and we will continue to see miracles! 

The secret of this principle is we need to act we could pray for new investigators all we want and nothing will happen because that would make us objects waiting to be acted upon, but if we pray for new investigators then go out and act then we see the miracles!  A great example of this can be found in The Book of Mormon 1 nephi 16 while his whole family was murmuring because of the lack of food nephi decided to act(make a bow and arrow) and then go find food, instead of complaining like his brethren.  Nephi made the bow which made himself an agent, and then asked his father "whither shall i go to obtain food"(verse 13).  So what we learn from this is we have an immense amount of control over our circumstances because the Lord has told us that we are "Agents" so when we pray we need to be like joseph smith who prayed to know "what church to join".  We must act and then we receive blessings I can bear testimony of this because i have applied it in my missionary work and it works! The church is true!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week also i would like to thank everyone who wrote some notes in my birthday package i really loved reading all those notes i'm so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life! i love you all!

His beloved Chick-Fil-A Sauce from Lindsay and Skyler

Last pic with Elder Rios

Last pic with Elder Saville

Elder Homes' new ride

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