Friday, September 11, 2015

Birthday Boy- Aug. 24

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well first off I want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes! thank you all so much it means the world!  and thanks to all of my wonderful Whanau who were in that video it was great to hear you all sing to me!!  But I think i do have to single out one performance... Thanks Ren for the best birthday song ever hahaha I loved the dance moves haha if that's what you want to call them i guess haha!

Anyways I want to share one really cool experience this week, we were helping Bishop Edwards move some firewood and he then told us to go see one of the Less Active members of the ward he said "I don't know why but i have just been thinking about him all day", so we took his name and address down and went to visit him on saturday after we had some good fish and chips :) haha anyways, we went to the house and we started talking to this member and he was really closed and reserved at first and you could tell he really didn't want to talk to us, but i like to talk so i just started talking to him about weird stuff haha but finally he opened up and just told us he has been having a really rough week with some trials that have happened to his family this week, Me and Elder Brunson said well we dont think its a coincidence that you and your family are going through this trial and we come along, and i mentioned you have have a heavenly father that loves you because bishop told us he has been thinking about you all day and he doesn't know why. by this time the spirit outside was strong and you could feel the love of our Father in Heaven all around us, we talked a little more bore testimony by this time he was a little teary eyed and then we left with a prayer.  It is wonderful to be able to be an instrument in the Lords hands it is wonderful to know that he needed a job done and he had enough trust in me and my companion that he sent us!  

Another good story we were out walking around the street on wednesday and we walk by this house and this older fella has a big huge trailer full of wood so i start walking up his drive way and say "good day" he looks up looks at me looks at my name tag then looks at me again and says "right you've come just in time" and so i drop my bag on the ground and i say yes we have where we taking it, and he informs us we need to push this trailer full of wood over to this little pad that he wants it parked on and he couldn't get it there with his car so we push away and get it where it needs to go, talked to him for a bit and then went on our merry little way so yesterday we decide to take this fellow an invitation to the movie night we are having at the chapel on friday so we go to his house knock on his door his wife answers and before we can say anything she says"not interested" and slams the door, so i yell is neil in there haha and we wait for a bit and nothing happens so they dont get to see the movie on friday... sad day for them.

Well hope everyone has a wonderful week be sure to celebrate my birthday tomorrow also! We are going to have a goat! yeah a goat it sounds kinda gross one of the elders in nuhaka is from the philippines and so he is cooking it up for us! i will let you all know how it goes next week!


Some oceanic scenery

"I don't know how this thing would even get here, but it's good for taking pics,"

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