Saturday, May 23, 2015

April 26th

Kia Ora Everyone!

Well to start off all I hear from my wonderful mother is how all of you want me to make my emails longer... and I hate to break it to everyone but this will not be the week that happens but I will try to make them longer in the future!

To start off this week I went on an exchange out of my area up to a small town Called Katikati it is a little tiny branch of like 15 people, there is well not a whole lot to do there... but it was good. 

So it now gets dark here at about 5:30, and that makes it really difficult to knock doors because people do not like it when you knock late... apparently 6 is late... so it made it a little difficult to find things to do when all our appointments fell through, and me and my comp were just sitting in our car wonder ok what are we going to do now...  long stories short we couldn't find anything to do.

So really there was not to much excitement this week, we were supposed to have several of our investigators at church and they didn't show up or texted us sunday morning and said they were not going to be able to make it.   but that is all part of the mission life.

But something I would like to share with everyone this week is to never lose faith!  Thank our Father in Heaven for everything, yes even the trials, if you don't understand what I mean read 1 Nephi 18, Nephi has such incredible faith and is always grateful to the Lord! It is hard being out on a mission away from family and friends but if we have faith we trust in Heavenly Father everything works out! I know that.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week sorry this week wasn't very exciting in Tauranga.

Ka kite

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