Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 3rd

Kia Ora

Well I hope everyone had a great week, mine was rather crazy and hectic!

So we will start off with the exciting news on Tuesday we went and had a visit with our investigator Shane, we had the best lesson that we have ever had with him in the months that I have been here and we set him to be baptised on the 6th of June!  It has been an amazing experience with him he has made incredible progress from when we first started teaching him, he comes to church every Sunday and has even started answering questions in some of the classes which is a plus! He just needs to stop smoking and it will be all goods!

The next experience I would like to share is a very interesting one... we were visiting a less active and him and his friend were rather... drunk and possibly other things but that is usually how he is, but while talking to us him and his friend asked us if we wanted to go for a ride, I then replied "You probably shouldn't be driving haha" they then said "oh not in the car, we will take you to an alternate universe" the less active said he would take us to where we live which is not on this earth, and his friend told us he would take us to where we die... it was interesting.  Then when we were leaving his friend brought out a crucifix and said you want to hold it? then said oh you better not it will burn your hand, my comp said yah we wont hold it then, but me being me haha I put out my hand and said ill hold it, he gave me a pretty shocked look and then slowly reached out and put it in my hand and low and behold nothing happened haha.  He asked me if it was getting hot I said no, then gave it back to him and when he grabbed it he said wow that's hot its really hot, and I replied that's how strong my faith is haha! it was a very interesting experience!
But that is really all the excitement for the week, one thing I would like everyone to think about this week is there fears, yes there fears, because the quote of this week is "when you find out your fears, your find where the edge of your faith is" make sure that we are all rooted in our faith so that when we face something that is hard we have the courage to keep walking. 
I would like to thank everyone for the love and support that you all give me I'm am the most blessed missionary in the entire world I feel all of your prayers for me everyday and I thank you all for that!

have a good week everyone!

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