Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sacrifices and Pizza

Kia Ora Whanau and Friends!

And a nice big welcome to my little Nephew Oliver! So I know a lot of you want to hear all about my week and all the great things that are happening out here in New Zealand, but to be honest I cant really remember most of it because of the great exciting news I received today that I am now an uncle!!!! Congrats Linds and Skyler on having my first nephew!

Well I guess I will try to think of something from this week, but like my best friend Elder Huxford said in his group email once your in front of the computer you don't really remember... haha

Wednesday night we were trying to find something to do and so we decided to go visit our miracle family, who hasn't been so miracle like lately... we new that we needed to just go and talk with them not try to teach a lesson or anything but just let them know we are their friends and we care about them, so that is what we did, and the visit went amazingly! We ended up talking about patriarchal blessing and general conference!  and then when we walked out of the lesson one of the members was standing outside and handed us a huge pizza haha and that was just amazing because we had to skip dinner, so the lesson here is when you make sacrifices the lord does bless you! and sometimes it is a pizza :)

Also I had my first real New Zealand rain and it rained all day long, and then it rained some more! it was crazy! oh and I feel that I should debunk the myth of New Zealand always having perfect weather just want you all to know in the summer it is hot and in the winter boy is it cold!

Also I would like to thank everybody who put a note in my easter package, it was quit a surprise opening up that box and just seeing all these eggs... I didn't realize I had that many friends or let alone that many people liked me haha. I feel so blessed to have so much love and support back home thank you all very much!

I hope everyone has a great week!

"They call it the 40 pound mission for a reason, #membersrule."

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