Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ice Cream Truck

Kia Ora Whanau and Friends!

Well I thought maybe I will start off the email with a funny story, so Tuesday, we had just got done eating at a members house and went to go to an appointment, when we got there they told us that it wasn't a good time so we walked back to the car and decided to just go back to the flat because, the dinner wasn't sitting too well... if yah know what I mean... so I'm in the bathroom and I started to hear some music outside our flat, so I listened a little closer and it was some cheesy kid music, so it clicked right away... ICE CREAM TRUCK! so I pulled up my pants... kinda and ran out and screamed at my comp do you hear that! Finished doing up my pants ran out side grabbed the money and had probably the worst ice cream cone I have ever had in my life haha but it was fun haha.

So this week was pretty slow, but on Wednesday we had a great experience we went to go visit a less active we found when on an exchange with one of the Zone Leader, but she was asleep, so we were walking back to our car and I looked over at this house and the spirit just told me Go knock on that door, so I said to Elder Landis lets go knock that door, and he didn't really want to cause he wasn't feeling well but I made him anyways  haha but it was a young couple and we were talking to them and then they invited us in and asked us to tell them about the church what we believe and all that good stuff, long story short we had a good conversation and got a return appointment! it was way awesome!

We also got to attend a Tangi(funeral) it was a really cool, but it was sad at the same time the Maori people are very spiritual in all the things they do so it is super cool!!!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter mine was very good! I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting on the atonement! I hope that we can all remember the true meaning of Easter! I hope everyone has a mean week!

OH Congrats Lexi and Tayzha on your mission Calls! you are going to be wonderful missionaries!

Zac Millet heard you got your tonsils out! rough stuff ah well your a strong kid! haha miss teaching yah in primary man hope your keeping that class in line!

Elder Holmes says: "Not even mission related just a real hot pic."

Enjoying the beach

Goofy boys

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