Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tauranga week 3

Hey everybody!  Hope everyone had a good week!

Well on Tuesday like a I said we got to go and listen to Elder Bednar and it was awesome! I'm trying to think of other words to describe it other than awesome but I can't... It wasn't like he gave a talk the whole thing was like question and answer!  the best part though this sister asks a question Elder Bednar has his wife answer part of it then he gets back up and goes "Lets read in D&C section 97 verses 7&8  now I don't know why we are reading these verses but I know you answer is in verse 8" so he reads the verses and then says "I saw you smiled when I read verse 8 does that mean it answered your question?"  the sister says yes Elder bednar then asks why it answered her question and she says "because that was the scripture my great grandpa read to me the night before he died"....  Just picture a head exploding because that is pretty much happened to everyone in the room all jaws hit the floor, and Elder Bednar was just like this is just another day at the office it was crazy!

Next cool experience we were having a very slow day all our appointments were not working out, we were trying to figure out what to do and I said lets go see this family that me and one of the members of the bishopric tried to visit but couldn't because no one was home, so we knock on the door and the dad answers and goes "Elders!"  and long story short they invite us in and the dad is a less active and his partner not a member and his five kids not members two of the kids are over eight.  so anyways the partner tells us that she has been praying for guidance  and the night after she prayed for guidance was when me and the 2nd counselor went over, then she said she had been praying again and then shaboom me and elder landis show up!

It was amazing only problem mom and dad are not married... so we will have to have them get married but if all works out that is 3 baptisms and then maybe 3 more when they hit 8 so pray that it works out with this family they are wonderful!

 I hope everyone has a great week, I will be emailing on Tuesday next week so Monday for all y'all back home because we have zone conference!

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