Monday, March 16, 2015

He's Alive

Hello Everybody, I hope everyone is doing well!
So to start off this week, I'll tell you the worst part of the week, on Friday we were over at the Bishop's house for a feed and everything was all good and then they gave us dessert and that's where it all went downhill, I took one bite and immediately my throat got super scratchy, so I didn't eat anymore told the bishop so it wasn't rude that I wasn't eating any of the desert and then shared a spiritual thought, and the scratchy throat started to go away.  We left bishops and started walking to a place where we were meeting the sister missionaries because they got permission to take our car to go see one of there recent converts. so while we were walking I got really really hot... and long story short I broke out into heaps of hives... and we had to walk back to our flat which made it worse and I felt awful... but we are all good now and I’m still alive!

Best story of the week though, so you all remember the family I talked about last week? Well we met with them again on Wednesday and... they set themselves for BAPTISM!!!! it was crazy we didn't even have to ask they asked us when they can get baptised and we set a date! it was awesome! They are set for April 4th!

Then there was zone conference yesterday, we had S. Gifford Neilson of the 70 come talk to us and that was an amazing experience it was such a great meeting!  we had the opportunity to shake his hand and it was great!  He had us laughing a lot and also had it very serious at the same time so it was a perfect meeting, it was pretty much exactly like Elder Bednar, only with about 500 less missionaries which was great cause it got a lot more personal!

Well I hope everyone has a great week!

And a Big Shout Out to my buddy Job Huxford! who is the big 17 now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOB!!!! Somebody give him 17 birthday spankings haha!

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Come unto Christ