Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Kia Ora Everyone!

Well first off I have been transferred I am no longer in Tauranga. I am now in the bottom of the mission! literally... if i go any farther down i am in the wellington mission. But my new area is Wairoa it is a pretty small town but i really like it so far! and my new Comp is Elder Stephens he is from Auckland and he came out a transfer after me and we are getting along great he is the man and it is going to be a wonderful transfer i can already tell!

Now there is a lot to tell about this last week but i dont know if i have time to try and type it all!  Mostly the last week consisted of just last visits with people trying to say goodbye to everyone which is just incredibly crazy! but we still taught a lot of lessons and did a lot of great work!

But I think the one experience I want to share this week was the miracle that happened, so after transfers meeting we all get in our cars and drive to our new areas, and since my area is out in the boons we have to drive for about 9 or so hours and so we go on our merry little way stop in a town called whakatane for dinner and then go on down to Gisborne when we are about 126 ks away from Gisborne we notice that we are pretty low on fuel, but at this point we are like in the boons and there are no petrol stations anywhere and then all of the sudden this warning light comes on and is flashing low fuel and me and the elder i was driving down with look at each other and are like ah crap so we drive for about a good 10 or so minutes with it on E then all of the sudden the low fuel light shuts off and it says we have more fuel! And i know what some of you are thinking we may have not been flat so the fuel wasnt level or something but that wasn't the case we were driving on a flat road so the car was level! So i look at the Elder driving and i was like did you say a prayer? and he said no did you? then i said no but i am now! so i said a prayer, and we drive for a little while longer and we pass a sign that says gisborne 76 Ks and then the low fuel light comes on again and we were like uh oh... but long story short when the fuel light comes on that means you have approximately 35-40ks and we went 76... so that was a nice little miracle because we made it to Gisborne safe and sound and then quickly filled up with petrol!

So that was nice haha.

But i hope everyone has a wonderful week, and before i go i have to tell the Cobble Creek ward youth thank you very much for the wonderful package with all those nice treats and all the wonderful notes! I am so blessed to have a ward back home that does that for all of their missionaries! wish you all the best!


 Excited about their new sandwich maker!

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