Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Goat Mustering

Tena Koe Everyone

Well I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, it seems like just yesterday I was emailing so the time is for sure flying by!

This week was wonderful Elder Stephens and I worked super hard we talked to a lot of people and taught a lot of lessons! the best thing of the week we received a refferal from the office and when we contacted him he turned into a new investigator which is awesome he is a great guy and we hope to help him to have the desire to get baptised!

Also on Saturday we had a baptism! but it was a ward baptism Elder Stephens performed the baptism so we will take a little bit of the credit for that one! but it was a wonderful experience and it reminded me of the time I had the wonderful opportunity to Baptise my little brother!

One story from last week that i forgot to tell was, me and Elder Stephens went and did some service out at an investigators farm and we helped them muster some goats! cause there are heaps of them around here and they can sell them to the meat works for some cash.  So we went out and mustered some goats it was really fun a little scary but fun, we caught about fifty or so of them so it was a good day of mustering!

Now trying to think of all the other experiences from this week has made my mind go blank and i cant really remember any of them it was a rather crazy week and i am still trying to get used to the area so i'm not really even to sure what happened haha, but i will just close of this week by telling everyone that i know the church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that we have prophet on the earth today who leads and guides this church!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! love you all!

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