Monday, June 8, 2015

June 7th

Kia Ora Whanau!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful week, mine went by pretty fast and I had a pretty good week, not really any exciting experiences but it was a good week.

To start off on Tuesday and Wednesday I was on an exchange with the district leaders companion his name is Elder Gish and we had a blast on Wednesday we were going to visit one of our potential investigators and when we pulled up to the house it just didn't feel right and I felt like we should go to one of our less actives and so we did and it turned out Elder Gish's last area was where this member used to live and they started talking about people and places and it made this members day!

on top of that we also had a great lesson with a couple we are teaching it is amazing every lesson with them is led by the spirit and it is them asking us questions and us answering! every question they ask there is a gospel principal as an answer.  It is pretty amazing, but that is what happens when the church is true.

We also on Saturday got to have two of the youth in the ward come out with us which was way fun it threw me back to the days when I would go out with the missionaries!

but really the rest of the week just consisted of us driving from place to place trying to see people and no one being home, but it is just a test of patience and I look forward to showing this test whose boss!

I need to say happy birthday to my Best Friend Nathan Walton sorry I cant be there to play the wii with you this year but I look forward to coming over and playing super smash brothers with you when I get back!

Also Grandma Holmes thank you for the wonderful letter and news paper article! I love you so much!

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson thank you for all that you do for me and I appreciate the love that you give me each week! your amazing!

I hope everyone has a great week I appreciate all the prayers they give me strength each day!  I hope everyone will take time this week and study and ponder The Book of Mormon, it will change your life as you study it.  You will start to see your life become better you will respond to challenges better and you will begin to see true joy and happiness!  I love you all! have a fantastic week!

Elder Johnson, Holmes and Gish

Enjoying Taraunga

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