Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Looking Back

We dropped Elder Holmes off at the airport this morning. It was a bitter sweet moment, and we are looking forward to the e-mail that says he has arrived in New Zealand safely! We know this is the best thing he could be doing right now. We got some good pictures of him last night and this morning.

Dax with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson

Dax with Grandma Holmes, we know Grandpa was there too.
Daxon with Dave and Jello
He had to get a shot with his trusty Antoinette

I was really proud of this candid shot
Mom and Dax
Dad and Dax
Dax with Grandma Pink
Dax: "You know you're my best friend right?"
Glad I married someone that loves my family as much as I do.
Dax with the parents

He loves his mom

No looking back
We just got a call from Dax at the Salt Lake Airport! He will be there until 3:30 then fly to San Francisco, have a short layover there, and will then fly for 13 hours to Auckland. I know he would appreciate some prayers as he travels. He sounds great, a little nervous, but that's okay! He hasn't seen any other missionaries yet, but we are hoping some will arrive soon so he will have someone to be with on his flight to San Fran.

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