Monday, August 17, 2015


Kia Ora Everyone

Well the big news of the week i am now training a new missionary down in Wairoa! his name is Elder Brunson and he is from Washington!  

I really dont have to much time this week so sorry this is going to be really short but we didnt get to visit our family of five this week because they were sick and they had some other things come up so pray that we can meet with them this week!

We had a really fun time driving up to transfers it takes about three days out of our schedule to get up to Hamilton but we made it there and back safely and we still had a really good week!

Sorry the events of this week are so short but my message for you all this week is about trials!

I know we all do not look forward to the trials that we will experience in our lives and i know alot of times it is hard to believe that anything good can come from trials.  But I testify that good things do come and that when the end comes we will look back and realize that trial made us grow that it changed!  And when we trust in God and do his will our trials will be made light because God will be right there with us helping us to bear the weight which has been placed upon our shoulders!  I know this to be true I know the Gospel is true!  I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is our Saviour and Redeemer! I know it.

Last P-day with Elder Stephens

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Come unto Christ

Come unto Christ